Session Descriptions

Become The Leader They Are Searching For
Ken E. Nwadike, Jr., Free Hugs Project

Ken Nwadike Jr., founder of the Free Hugs Project, shares stories of his success at de-escalating intense confrontations using peacekeeping principles that can be applied in the workplace and community to prevent heightened situations from occurring. He inspires everyone to be more supportive and respectful towards one another and to improve the way we treat our coworkers, customers, and people in general.

Partnering through Change to Create New Opportunity

Karena Johnson, NEI Global Relocation
Mandy Conn, NEI Global Relocation
Henry Gager, Corporate Living, Inc.
Karen Marko, NEI Global Relocation
Janet Mauldin, BHHS Georgia Properties
Mark Bartasis, NEI Global Relocation
Sophie Rehberg, Professional Organizing Relocation

Our relocation industry is built on a foundation of partnerships. NEI strives to stand out from our competitors by respecting these relationships and connecting with those who echo our service expectations. Our panel discussion will focus on how to dissolve barriers, generate new partnership strategies, and foster deeper synergies to create new opportunities for all our organizations in the face of incredible global change.

A Climate Action Journey

Arnaud Manas, Verdis Group
Craig Moody, Verdis Group

Verdis Group, a sustainability planning and implementation organization, will summarize the steps necessary to create a corporate baseline for greenhouse gas emissions so a positive climate action plan can be developed. This session will help bring clarity to the enigma many companies face regarding the creation of sustainability goals.

New Business Strategies
Pam Jacknick, NEI Global Relocation

NEI and our Service Partners share a common goal in working together to develop new business. As new prospects are nurtured through the new client acquisition process there are many key areas where we can all help each other. In this session, we will discuss the types of information to share, partnering opportunities, and supporting the proposal and RFP stages to ensure better outcomes for our efforts.

New Product Creation
Lee Anne Simpson, NEI Global Relocation

Creating new products that change with the times is critical to thriving. We saw it with Discard & Donate, reusable crates, and Move for Hunger to name a few. The process revolves around recognizing a need that is not being met and determining how to create a solution. Such is the case with ExtraCare and we will share this success story with you.

Technology Solutions
Greg Keith, NEI Global Relocation

Wizards, integrated data, and letting the consumer choose. Those are some of the technology trends that face all of us. In response to client and transferee feedback, we are building an all-new technology platform which allows relocating employees to dynamically select the relocation benefits most relevant to them. In this session, Greg will share a sneak peak of iSelect, which places more control in the hands of the relocating employees and leverages technology to streamline the process.

Organizing Your Climate Action Plan Roundtable
Lonn Kammeyer, NEI Global Relocation

Building on their earlier session, Verdis Group will help attendees determine what their likely climate impacts are and develop preliminary tactics to mitigate those impacts. Participants will leave with actionable steps to immediately get started.

Evolving Business Models Roundtable

Lonn Kammeyer, NEI Global Relocation

The last few years have produced pressure after pressure to each of our industries. This discussion will focus on how our industries are adapting to supply chain issues, labor shortages, work from home challenges, fiscal strains, port closures, mortgage rate increases, inflation, and too many others to name. What have we learned, how are we adapting, and what are potential new challenges?

The Power of Renewal: Forging a Resilient Future
Angela Cooper, Mindpower Strategic, LLC.

Stress. It wears us down, holds us back, and robs us of joy. The past few years have taken a toll in countless ways. A growing body of research confirms what we already know deep down: if we don’t manage our stress, the effects show up in our bodies. The good news is, there are proven methods to help us all thrive. We can protect ourselves and cultivate the energy to live purpose-centered and joy-filled lives.

Drawing from her background in strategic planning, change management, organizational communication, project management, and process engineering she creates alignment to accelerate change, maximize results, and make a marked positive difference.

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